Etiqueta: José Martí
21 June, 2017 Cuban Youth Claim for Peace and Respect

The Cuban youth remarked their full support for the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government, which in all forcefully expresses that the United States is not able to give us lessons.

14 June, 2017 Esteban Lazo Pays Tribute to Marti and Ho Chi Minh

The president of the National Assembly of People´s Power of Cuba, Esteban Lazo, paid tribute this Wednesday in Hanoi, to the independentist heroes Jose Marti and Ho Chi Minh, at the beginning of the third day of his official visit to Vietnam.

1 June, 2017 Cuba, a Great Feast for Children

This June 1, Cuba prepares again to celebrate the day dedicated to the little ones in every family, those that morning after morning flood the house with joy and make everybody´s life more enjoyable

1 June, 2017 Towards the Future in the Construction of Socialism

The documents analyzed and passed this Thursday in the extraordinary session of the National Assembly of People’s Power will mark the course of the Cuban revolutionary process, the party and society, towards the future in the construction of our socialism, President Raul Castro said.

24 May, 2017 Cuban First Vice-President Honors Ecuadorian Leader

Miguel Diaz-Canel, First Vice-President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, put this Wednesday in Quito a floral offering before the monument to Eloy Alfaro, leader of the liberal revolution in Ecuador

19 May, 2017 Homage to Jose Marti on the Anniversary of his Death

Floral offerings from Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz, the Council of State and Ministers and the people of Cuba were deposited this Friday morning in the Mausoleum to national hero Jose Marti in Santiago de Cuba Cemetery.

10 May, 2017 Marti Youth Movement Remembers Fidel Castro

In every conmemoration of Jose Marti´s fall in combat of that takes and his ascent to immortality in Dos Rios, youth will continue promoting Fidel Castro, Yusuam Palacios, president of the Marti Youth Movement said in Holguin.

3 May, 2017 Venezuelan School Ship Crew Starts Activities in Cuba

The crew of Venezuelan school ship Simon Bolivar, began today its activities in Cuba, where they paid tribute to the national hero Jose Marti and the great independence leader the ship is named after.