Havana, Cuba.- All Cuban citizens, whether residents in the island or not, will have the opportunity to participate in the debates on the new Constitution project, said here today Foreign Ministry official Ernesto Soberon.

In statements to the press, the director of Consular Affairs and Cubans Resident Abroad (DACCRE) said that this is an unprecedented event in the history of the Revolution, framed in the government’s will to listen to all Cuban’s opinions, regardless of where they are located geographically.

The greater the participation in Cuba and abroad, the greater the success of this process, because the construction of a new Magna Carta requires the intervention of a great deal of knowledge, he said.

According to Soberon, in order to facilitate the contribution of opinions by those residing outside the country, a section will be enabled on the Nation and Emigration website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (http://www.nacionyemigracion.cu/).

Through this portal Cubans will have access to the new Constitution project and a form that will allow them to post proposals for modifications or comments, he said.

The diplomat explained that the section will be available from the first week of September, facilitating that Cubans living abroad have enough time to express their opinions about the text.

The National Assembly of People’s Power approved on July 22 the draft of the new Constitution, which will be submitted to a popular referendum from August 13 to November 15.

For the around 1,400,000 Cubans dispersed by about 120 countries, the debate process around the document will begin a few days later, in order to create all the technical conditions for the online process, Soberon said.

The official stressed that this space for participation is a proof of the sovereign policy of continuing to strengthen the links between the Revolution and Cubans living abroad.