Caracas, Venezuela.- The Venezuelan government is continuing investigations to define the cause of the cyber aggression that caused the collapse of the national electrical system last Tuesday.

To that end, the Executive agreed on the creation of a presidential commission headed by first vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, with the assistance of international experts in this type of attacks, the president Nicolás Maduro informed.

“I will ask for the support of the United Nations Organization as well as Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, countries with great experience on these issues,” he said.

In an address from the Miraflores Palace, the president also denounced the involvement of the United States in these actions, Prensa Latina reported.

“A sabotage the electrical system to generate a civil confrontation and then to call for an assault of the political power, has only one name: terrorism,” said Maduro, who blamed Washington for using this method for its objectives.

In addition, the new commission, will be integrated by the Attorney General, who is going to conduct an investigation against the deputy to the National Assembly (Parliament) in contempt, Juan Guaidó, for his alleged participation in the attack, which left 18 states of the country without power supply.

This Tuesday, the attorney general, Tareck William Saab, denounced the pronouncement of the self-proclaimed interim president a few hours after the electric sabotage had occurred.

Through social networks, the opposition deputy assured that electricity would be restored with the ‘cessation of the usurpation’.

“With messages on Twitter have been inciting theft of private property because of electrical sabotage, this is not a casual occurrence but is added to an escalation of events against the peace of the country,” said the prosecutor.