Non-Aligned Movement reaffirms peace pact.

Venezuela hosted ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned.

CARACAS, Venezuela.- The government of Venezuela bid farewell on Sunday, to the participants in the ministerial meeting of the Coordination Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement (MNOAL), a space where its members defended the premise of consolidating peace between nations.

The bloc’s representatives advocated for respect to multilateralism, while hegemonic powers try to stifle progressive nations.

We may not have military or economic power, but we have the greatest power, and exercising it will allow to balance, moderate the attitudes of those who seek to violate peace, Venezuelan Chancellor Jorge Arreaza, said at the close of the ministerial meeting of the Bureau Coordination of MNOAL.

Cuban Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez reiterated the Cuban delegation’s readiness to work for the establishment of an international order responding to the call for peace, sustainable development and justice of peoples.