Havana, Cuba.- The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, reiterated today that the country’s Constitution enshrines secularism of the State and prohibits discrimination for reasons of religious beliefs.

Through his X account, Rodríguez pointed out that in Cuba, everyone has the right to profess or not profess religious beliefs, to change them, and to practice the one they prefer.

Recently, the minister assured on the same social network that the repeated inclusion of Cuba in unilateral reports from the United States responds to the need to justify its measures of siege and economic war against the island.

He noted that his country’s presence on US lists of terrorism, human rights and religious freedom is not linked to the exemplary performance of the Caribbean nation.

In January, Cuba and Nicaragua were again included in a list, created by Washington, of countries that, in the opinion of the US Government, have “participated in or tolerated particularly serious violations of religious freedom”.

However, as detailed at that time by the head of the Office of Attention to Religious Affairs of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, Caridad Diego, in the largest of the Antilles there is broad religious freedom.

Diego recalled that only at the beginning of this year, multiple activities were carried out by various denominations: on January one, Catholics celebrated masses for Peace; on the second, the Yorubas presented the letter of the year; while practitioners of the Abacuá religion will celebrate their Day.