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8 October, 2019 Cuban artists condemn US blockade

Hundreds of artists and students of art have today condemned the genocidal US blockade against Cuba, on the eve of the 52nd anniversary of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara’s death in Bolivia.

8 July, 2019 Cuban Residents in China Condemn US Hostility

Cuban residents in China on Monday denounced the intensification of the hostile policy by the United States against their country and the objective of further hindering development with measures that tighten the economic, financial and commercial blockade on the Caribbean island.

31 October, 2018 Workers in Nicaragua Condemn U.S. Blockade on Cuba

The Trade Union Confederation Jose Benito Escobar from Nicaragua condemned on Tuesday the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has maintained against the Cuban for more than half a century.

27 September, 2018 Countries of the World Condemn blockade against Cuba

The condemnation of the US blockade against Cuba grows today at the high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly, a forum used by several countries to show support for that Caribbean island.

25 September, 2018 Cuban Students Condemn U.S. Blockade

The economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the U.S. government is affecting the island in all sectors, and is having a particular impact on education, high school students stated on Monday.

24 September, 2018 South African Unions Condemn US Blockade Against Cuba

South African trade unions demanded the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade the United States has maintained against Cuba for more than 50 years, and the return of the territory illegally occupied by the naval base in Guantanamo.

18 September, 2018 Cuba Hosts Forum Online to Condemn U.S. Blockade

Researchers, academics, Cuban parliamentarians, Internet users and listeners from several countries have participated today in this capital in the forum ”The world against the blockade” to condemn the economic blockade imposed by the United States on the