When intervening in the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of People’s Power, the president of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, said that the economic battle is still the fundamental and at the same time the most demanding one .

When referring to the economic performance in 2018, said that although it is not projected, it does have a merit in the middle of the complex scenario in which it developed, together with the severe impact of the blockade, which intensifies its financial persecution with the current US administration.

Highlight the role of the town’s tax inspector

From the information on the plan and budget of the economy for the coming year, the deputies of the Commission for Attention to Services, highlighted the supervisory role of the people in its compliance.

In the Commission for Services to Parliament, María del Carmen Concepción stressed the need to increase efficiency and mobilize collective reserves in the interests of saving and import substitution.

The president of the Government in the municipality of Florida, Beatriz Rodríguez, informed that the territory can favor the increase of exportable items from the production of charcoal and honey from bees.