Working towards consumer protection.

HAVANA, Cuba.- If there is no control and order, if there is no quality of services, we cannot talk about consumer protection, the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, said in the debate in Parliament’s committees.

In this sense he underlined the importance of articulating integral systems of quality management in all the units, and insisted on the control that government structures must exert at provincial and municipal level to eliminate any manifestation against the people, incompatible with the present and future of the country.

The Committee of Attention to Services’s discussions focused on the fulfillment of the family basket, retail trade circulation, and other prioritized programs.

Challenges and Projections

The audit carried out by the Commission of Attention to Services revealed, among other deficiencies, violations in the weight of products, deficit of balances and problems with its calibration, irregularities with change by lack of fractional currency, existence of resellers, and bad gastronomic practices.

Despite these dissatisfactions, Minister of Domestic Trade Betsy Diaz highlighted that the standardized family basket was fulfilled every month and in all provinces.

Diaz mentioned among the projections for next year, boosting electronic commerce, improving the work of establishments in municipalities, as well as state cuisine.

Parliamentarians agreed that after the entry into force of Resolution Number 54, there are discrete advances in the quality of some services, but consumer protection remains a subject.