Havana, Cuba.- Cuba on Monday continues preparations for a referendum, where more than eight million citizens are called to vote on February 24 to ratify the new Constitution.

The corresponding details of the work to reconcile information are currently carried out, in which the procedure units of the Identification, Immigration and Foreign Affairs Direction (DIIE) at the Cuban Ministry of the Interior are involved.

The electoral authorities and the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution also participate in this task.

The objective is to complete the update in the Registry of all Cubans with right to vote, and then close the basic report and print the lists for the referendum again.

DIIE Chief Mario Mendez explained that the State is responsible and guarantees that all citizens over 16 years old can exercise their right to vote.

Our mission is that no Cuban eligible to vote is outside the list, the colonel said.

The electoral registration has the required quality because it works with seriousness, discipline, transparency and total adherence to the law, Mendez said.

The Constitution, approved in December by the People’s Power National Assembly (Parliament), is already in printed, digital formats and as a mobile application.

More than eight million Cubans are called to ratify on February 24 the new Constitution of the Republic approved on December 22 by the People’s Power National Assembly.

The Constitution ratifies Cuba’s socialist nature and the leading role of the Communist Party in its society.

It also reflects changes in the structure of the State, extends guarantees and human rights, promotes foreign investment, and recognizes several forms of property, including private property.