Russia sends hundreds of military to flood zone

Russia sends hundreds of military to flood zone.

IRKUTSK, Russia.- The Russian Defense Ministry sent  this Monday 1,300 military personnel and 300 special equipment to the flood zone registered in Irkutsk province, where five people died and 112 were hospitalized.

Along with the military, a plane and two helicopters help to review the territory, provide medical assistance, evacuate those affected and monitor the biological situation in the area, the Ministry added.

In addition, two groups of Army drones support rescue efforts in an area where thirty-one locations are under the waters, with almost four thousand homes.

The Russian authorities decreed a state of emergency in Irkutsk, especially for Tulun, Chuns, Nizhneudin, Taishe and Zamin regions. Last Friday, President Vladimir Putin demanded a compensation payment from those affected.

(With information from Prensa Latina)