Evo Morales criticized Bolivia's entry into Lima Group
LA PAZ, Bolivia.- Former Bolivian President Evo Morales criticized his country’s entry, via coup government, to the Lima Group, an instance whose goal is to destabilize Venezuela.

Morales said that the year-end gift from coup perpetrators Jeanine Anez, Luis Camacho and Carlos Mesa is to return to neoliberalism, entering the Lima Group.

This weekend, the coup government announced it would join the Lima Group, an action that marks the return of the Plurinational State’s helm in international relations.

Following the coup, Bolivia announced its re-establishment of ties with Israel, which were interrupted in 2009. The administration of self-proclaimed President Jeanine Anez also announced the breakdown of diplomatic ties with the Venezuelan government, and recognized self-proclaimed Deputy Juan Guaido as president in charge.