Defending a history living in our symbols.

Photo: Dayani Haro Cordovez.


HAVANA, Cuba.- The penultimate of the joint sessions of deputies to discuss the draft laws of National Symbols and Fisheries, became a comprehensive and contributing analysis.

Ana Maria Mari Machado, Vice-President of the National Assembly of People´s Power, called to fulfill all that we legislated today, and insisted on defending the History that lives in the Cuban symbols, and respect them every minute.

Deputy Joaquin Bernal proposed to include in the proposal of National Symbols a title developing the responsibility of the State in the education of children and young people, around the use of the Flag, the National Emblem and the Anthem.

Criteria relating to the marketing of the flag, how to make it, and in which garments and common objects it is correct to use it, also emanated in the debate.

Building Laws among All

At the Havana Convention Center in Cojimar, the members agreed to consolidate the relevant measures to prevent the national symbols being used as an object of disrespectful mercantilism.

On the National Anthem, Raul Torres emphasized this is a battle song, and to sing it is an act of patriotic pride, because it includes 150 years of struggle for Cuba´s independence.

The Fisheries Bill also elicited a number of interventions, including one aimed at specifying, in Article 15 who may exercise commercial fishing.

The day closed with the intervention of young legislator Danhiz Diaz, who emphasized how the people already appreciate the intense legislative work that precedes the ratification of the new Magna Carta in the ballot boxes.