Vice-President of Cuba denounces U.S. slanders

Association of African, Caribbean and Pacific States Summit.

NAIROBI, Kenya.- At the 9th Summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States in Kenya, the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Ines Maria Chapman, denounced the Government of the United States’s lies against the Cuban medical missions.

Chapman also stated that on the basis of a crude campaign of falsehoods, the U.S.A. has raised persecution, actions and declarations to destroy health agreements between the island and many Southern nations.

The Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba condemned the blockade that for nearly 60 years has affected the Cuban people and that from April 2018 to last March has caused upward losses to more than $4 billion.

The Cuban delegation to the Summit, which concludes this Tuesday, is also composed of the Director of Sub-Saharan Africa of the Chancellery, Gisela Garcia and the Cuba’s Ambassador to Kenya, among other officials.