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Journalist Warns in Cuba of Media As Financial Capital Spokesperson

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Havana, Cuba.- Brazilian journalist Paulo Cannabrava warned Tuesday about the danger represented by the media, transformed into spokespersons of the financial capital dictatorship.

Things are not as simple as they seem, reality shows a new strategy in the politics of domination, whose objective is the implantation of chaos, Cannabrava explained when speaking on the last day of the International Forum of Latin American Journalism.

We are witnessing the substitution of political propaganda for media manipulation, Cannabrava said at the event held at the emblematic Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

The big advertising agencies promote the sale of their political candidates as if they were soap, and they are all the same, but you buy the one that marketing made to prove that it is better, he stressed.

The campaigns cost from the financial point of view real absurdities and the result is that people vote without knowing what the candidate thinks or what he intends to do, Cannabrava lamented.

On the other hand, the judicialization of politics has taken place, the judicial power transformed into a legislating power, above the Constitution, he added.

‘Political action is also criminalized, disqualifying the political being, political parties and politics itself,’ Cannabrava said.

Something happens in the judicial environment, where judges transformed into a powerful caste, and, as if dazzled by power, lost the sense of justice, the researcher commented.

They use the courts based on individual interests or business groups and even an imperial power.

A single example is enough to illustrate the senselessness and lack of national sense of the judiciary and is the case of Operation Lava Jato that won headlines in the press around the world.

The new battlefield is virtual reality, Cannabrava said, either we connect and strengthen ourselves as our enemies do, or we will have a future of intellectual slaves of the lords of all wars.

But it is not enough to just connect, you also have to identify the enemy and draw up a combat strategy, said the editor of the Dialogos del Sur magazine.

The enemy became strong because of its ideological cohesion and its ability to weaken and divide opponents, to co-opt intellectuals and communicators, Cannabrava emphasized.

The dilemma is sovereignty or submission to chaos, the Brazilian journalist said.

This International Forum on Latin American Journalism ends on Tuesday and is part of the 60th anniversary of Operation Truth.

The aforementioned operation was a meeting of 400 foreign journalists summoned to Havana, when the Cuban Revolution had not yet completed 20 days of life, so they could know first-hand details of the trials against the war criminals of the defeated tyranny of Fulgencio Batista, in the midst of the lies disclosed by the big media about this process.

The forum aims to discuss Latin American journalism in the scenarios of globalization and new technologies.

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