tabaco 3Havana, Cuba.-The participants in the 19th Habano Festival are visiting today factories of those craft cigars, to better understand the skill of cigar rollers and the quality control. One of the elements that intrigues most people who like to smoke a cigarette is the way in which they roll a cigar and what parameters they use to facilitate their extreme quality, recognized worldwide.

Some industries have a special interest for those who visit the tobacco factories, this time H.Upmann and La Corona brands, in this capital.

Another element they discover is the framework that facilitates the worldwide distribution of those cigars and the different classifications coming from the galleys, where they are finally produced.

Something that many smokers are unaware is the network around the trade of those cigars, which includes a well-sustained way to distribute them.

There are more than 34 brands and about 400 names around the Habano cigars that for their efficient marketing have their subdivisions, something that every smoker should know to achieve an ideal purchase.

There are four divisions for many experts, the brands that you will find all over the world, those of specialty, those you will buy in many countries and those distributed only in some nations.

Brands such as Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, Montecristo, Partagas, Quintero, and Romeo and Juliet, could be mentioned in the first case. Cuaba, San Cristobal de La Habana and Trinidad are included in a second category.

For many countries, experts can buy Bolivar, Fonseca, Guantanamera, H.Upmann, Jose L. Piedra, Punch, and Vegas Robaina.

Smokers could only buy Belinda, Cabañas, Diplomaticos, El Rey del Mundo, Gispert, Juan Lopez, La Flor de Cano, La Gloria Cubana, Los Statos de Luxe, and Por Larrañaga in some nations.

Quai D’Orsay, Rafael Gonzalez, Ramon Allones, Saint Luis Rey, Sancho Panza, Troya and Vegueros, are also on the list.

But this is only a specie of structure for understanding, because the Habano cigar has today so much thrust in the tobacco market that its consumers can find any brand even in the most unsuspected site.