Ankara, Turkey.- Recognized Cuban scientist and high executive of BioCubaFarma group, Agustin Lage Davila, ended his work visit to Turkey after attending the 14th Congress of Pharmacists, informed today diplomatic sources to Prensa Latina.

In the inaugural session, Lage gave a master lectura before an audience of almost one thousand, in which he explained that cooperation between the Cuban pharmaceutical industry and public health institutions, especially due to the innovative products developed for fighting cáncer.

The Cuban researcher was invited to the event by the Union of Pharmacists of Turkey and during his stay in that country had several meetings with officials of the Turkish Health Ministry, as well as with high representatives and scientists of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries of the country.

These exchanges showed the potentialities to expand connections and cooperation between the scientific and health communities, according to the mentioned sources.

Lage’s visit took place only a few days after the signing of a cooperation agreement in health and medical science between the ministries, signed in Istambul last October 27 by Cuban deputy Minister of Public Health, Alfredo Gonzalez Lorenzo and his peer of Turkey, Emine Alp Mese.