Joao Pablo Fariñas González
3 August, 2016 Ecuadorian Parliament President to Fulfill Tight Agenda in Cuba

Quito, Ecuador.-The Ecuadorian National Assembly President Gabriela Rivadeneira announced a visit to Cuba on August 4-6, in which she would fulfill a tight working agenda to strengthen the bilateral relations. Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel and the President of the National Assembly of People’s Power, Esteban Lazo, have invited us to pay a visit regarding […]

2 August, 2016 Ecuador Carries Out Activities for Fidel Castro”s 90th Birthday

Quito, Ecuador.-Government institutions, groups of solidarity with Cuba and supporters of Fidel Castro”s legacy, are today arranging the final details of a program of activities planned this week to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Cuban historical leader, in Ecuador. The celebrations will begin tomorrow with the discussion ‘Fidel in Ecuador,’ broadcast live on the […]

2 August, 2016 Cuban Cooperation Continues to Increase in South Africa

Johannesburg, Sout Africa.- A new group of 29 Cuban health collaborators have arrived in the South African province of Gauteng, raising the number of these professionals in the country to more than 400. The doctors, mostly specialists in family medicine, are currently in training prior to begining work in their respective communities. Dr. Victor Figueroa, […]

1 August, 2016 Paris Supports Agreement of Cuba and French Development Agency

Paris, France.-France has supported the signing of an agreement between the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and the French Development Agency (AFD) to finance projects in the Caribbean island, an official statement said today. The press release by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the pact will facilitate the financing of initiatives in […]

1 August, 2016 Angola”s Governor Thanks Cuba for Support and Cooperation

Bie, Angola.-The governor of Bie, Manuel de Boavida Neto, has thanked Cuba for their colossal internationalist support and cooperation. ‘Cuba is present in the construction and reconstruction of the new Angola. We have its support in the economic, political, social sectors’, De Boavida Neto said on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the attack […]

29 July, 2016 History of Africa Would Be Incomplete Without Mentioning Fidel Castro

Pretoria, South Africa.-The story of Africa cannot be written today without mentioning the name of Fidel Castro and the contribution of Cubans to the liberation of the continent, South African activist, Clever Banganayi has said. In an interview with Prensa Latina, in which he detailed the activities planned to celebrate the 90th birthday of the […]

29 July, 2016 Cuban Youth Celebrates 62nd Anniversary of Hugo Chavez´s Birthday

Havana, Cuba.-Cuban youth are celebrating the 62nd anniversary of the birth of Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, as part of tributes to the leader of the Venezuelan Revolution, who died in 2013. A cultural evening and talk began on Thursday night with the traditional 9:00pm cannon fire ceremony at the capital’s historical Morro-Cabaña military complex in […]

29 July, 2016 US Airline Jet Blue to Start Flights to Cuba on August 31

Washington, United States.-US airline JET BLUE announced it will start flights to Cuba astrting from August 31, from the airport of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, until the Cuban city of Santa Clara, center of Cuba. With this decision, Jet Blue turns into the first US commercial airline that initiates its commercial operations with Cuba for more […]

29 July, 2016 Pittsburgh Declares July 30 as Day of Friendship for Cuba and the US

Washington, United States.-Upcoming July 30 will be declared the Day of Friendship between Cuba and the US, according to an agreement adopted by the Council of the US city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The proposal was sponsored by councilwoman Natalie Rudiak, who counted on the support of Bruce Kraus, President of the Council, and council delegates […]

29 July, 2016 Fidel Castro is an Example to the World, say Indian Communists

New Delhi, India.-The Communist Party of India (PCI) said today that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, is an example for new generations and a symbol of anti-imperialist struggles in the world. Under your able and courageous leadership, Cuba managed to turn an exploitative system into a better society, says a letter […]

28 July, 2016 Dom Rep Hosts Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.-The 8th Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba begins today in Dominican Republic in the presence of hundreds of delegates from 24 countries. The event has been organized by the Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba, the Puerto Rican Committee of Solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the […]

28 July, 2016 Young Cubans Pay Tribute to Commander Hugo Chavez

Havana, Cuba.-Cuban youth, on behalf of the nation, will pay tribute today to Cuba”s eternal friend, Venezuelan and Bolivarian Commander, Hugo Chavez. In the Historical Morro-Cabaña Military Complex in Havana, the Young Communist League (UJC) and other student movements and organizations will celebrate the 62nd birthday of the man who was described by the historic […]

26 July, 2016 Cuba Will Introduce Whatever Changes Necessary to Consolidate Socialism

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba will introduce whatever changes necessary to consolidate its socialism to make it more prosperous and sustainable, assured today the second secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the island, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Pronouncing the key speech at the act on occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the assault on […]