Etiqueta: Nicolás Maduro
23 June, 2017 Work is the Path to Peace, Maduro Says

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged this Friday the Venezuelan people to follow the example of work and dignity of recent years to achieve national peace, at a time when violent groups sponsored by right-wing extremist sectors intend to impose violence in the country.

16 June, 2017 International Meeting in Mexico Supports Maduro

A full support for President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and the denunciation of the OAS interventionist preparations and the violence unleashed by the Venezuelan right were expressed this Friday during an international forum held in Mexico.

13 June, 2017 We All Are Venezuela

Members of political, indigenous, peasant and intellectual organizations of Guatemala participated this Tuesday in a solidarity day with Venezuela and demanded the Guatemalan government to refrain from intervening in the affairs of that country.

3 June, 2017 Referendum to Decide on Results in Venezuela

Popular participation in a referendum will decide the results of the Constituent Assembly convened by the Bolivarian Government, this Friday, Venezuelan ambassador in Havana Ali Rodriguez ratified

1 June, 2017 Towards the Future in the Construction of Socialism

The documents analyzed and passed this Thursday in the extraordinary session of the National Assembly of People’s Power will mark the course of the Cuban revolutionary process, the party and society, towards the future in the construction of our socialism, President Raul Castro said.

31 May, 2017 Cuban International Aid, Firm and Supportive

Cuban collaborators in Venezuela continue their work with the people and serve normally, despite the violent actions of the opposition, Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, Ambassador of Cuba in that country, said.

9 May, 2017 Venezuela Advocates for Wide National Debate

The calling to national Constituent Assembly intends to look for a space breaking polarization, political conflict, and allow opening a debate to overcome the antagonisms existing today in our society.