Etiqueta: Nicolás Maduro
24 April, 2018 Maduro Urges to Vote in Elections

CARACAS, Venezuela. – President Nicolas Maduro called his compatriots to demonstrate to the world that they are the only protagonists of the country’s destinies, exercising their right to vote on May 20 to continue economic consolidation. In ceremony of beginning of campaign in Barinas State, the President warned that in those elections independence and sovereignty […]

19 April, 2018 Maduro Salutes Diaz-Canel´s nomination as President of Cuba

The head of State of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced this Wednesday he will visit Cuba soon to ratify his support to the Caribbean nation and saluted the nomination of Miguel Diaz-Canel as President of the State and Ministers Councils.

28 March, 2018 With the Ideas of Maceo, Marti and Fidel as Standard

“Principles are not negotiable in the Cuban revolution,” Rafael Gonzalez, vice-president of Hermanos Saiz Association said, who was a worthy representative of the Cuban civil society in the second Forum titled Thinking Americas, prior to the Summit of Lima, Peru, next April.

27 February, 2018 Maduro Formalizes Candidacy for President

The Communist Party of Venezuela proclaimed President Nicolas Maduro as his candidate for the general election on April 22, during the closing of its national conference.

17 January, 2018 Venezuela Recognizes National Guard as Peace Defender

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, acknowledged the performance of the Bolivarian National Guard in defending the country’s peace and stability in the face of the violent plans of the opposition right.

16 January, 2018 They Stand Out Social Advances in Venezuela

In presenting the report on government management over last year, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro highlighted that the period was on social investment and political breakthroughs.

16 January, 2018 President Nicolas Maduro Presents Annual Message

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, presented this Monday the report of management on the political and governmental exercise during 2017, before the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), in the Federal Legislative Palace, at Caracas.

3 January, 2018 Maduro Calls again for Consultation on Homeland Plan

CARACAS, Venezuela. – President Nicolas Maduro urged this Wednesday the people to contribute initiatives for the elaboration of the 2019-2025 Homeland Plan, which will contemplate the strategic lines for the development of Venezuela. In national consultations, Venezuelans will be able to provide ideas for the enrichment of the Homeland Plan, inherited by Commander Hugo Chávez, […]

25 October, 2017 Maduro Announces New Era of Coexistence in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, with three of the four opposition governors sworn by the National Constituent Assembly, which represents the beginning of a new era of coexistence with opposition sectors for the President.

17 October, 2017 Cuban President Congratules Maduro for Electoral Victory

Army General Raul Castro Ruz, president of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, sent this Monday a congratulatory message to his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, after the victory in the elections this Sunday.