8 January, 2017 Cuban Interior Minister Carlos Fernandez Gondin Dies

Havana, Cuba.-The Interior Minister and Hero of the Republic of Cuba, , passed away on Saturday due to complications from a chronic disease, according to a press release from the Council of Ministers. ‘With deep sorrow, the leadership of the (Communist) Party and the Council of State informs our people that in the afternoon of […]

6 January, 2017 FitCuba 2017 to be held in Holguin Germany is Guest of Honor

Havana, Cuba.-The 37th International Tourism Fair (FitCuba 2017) will be held in the province of Holguin with Germany as the guest of honor, according to the Tourism Minister, Manuel Marrero. The event, which will be held from May 3rd to 6th, will be focused on guided tours, Marrero emphasized on the official website of the […]

4 January, 2017 Cuba Maintains Low Rate of Infant Mortality

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba has maintained, for the ninth consecutive year, an infant mortality rate of less than five deaths per thousand live births. In 2016, of 116,869 live births, there were 497 deaths in children under a year old, 38 less than in 2015. The figures translate into a mortality rate of 4.3 deaths per thousand […]

2 January, 2017 Military Parade–Cuba Will Never Bow to the Pressures of the Empire

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba will never bow to the pressures and threats of the USA, confirmed today thousands of Cubans who marched through the mythical Plaza, José Martí, to celebrate the 58th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution. ‘We are here with our president Raúl Castro to ratify the commitment to defend the achievements of the […]

29 December, 2016 Despite Economic Challenge, Cuba Ensures Human Development Plans

Havana, Cuba.-Despite ongoing economic challenges, Cuba is assigning 51% of the current outlays of its 2017 Budget to health, education and social welfare. In presenting the State Budget for 2017, Finance and Prices Minister Lina Pedraza told the closing session Tuesday of the Cuban Parliament for 2016 that outlays would augment for Social Welfare in […]

9 December, 2016 Cuban Special Development Zone to Contract Foreign Workers

Havana, Cuba.-A resolution by the Cuban Labor and Social Security Ministry (MTSS) will allow foreign persons who are not resident in Cuba to work in the Special Development Zone of Mariel. The document states that companies doing business with the Development Zone, will be able to directly contract foreign workers not resident in Cuba, to […]

1 December, 2016 UN-Geneva Director Expresses Condolences for Fidel’s Death

Havana, Cuba.-The Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, Michael Moller, has expressed his condolences on the death of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. Moller visited the Cuban embassy in Geneva to sign the book of condolences opened after the death of the leader, who passes away on November […]

30 November, 2016 Fidel at Santa Ifigenia Cemetery: The Glory That Has Been Lived

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.-When Fidel Castro”s remains are buried here at Santa Ifigenia Cemetery on Sunday morning, December 4, there will be a new and powerful reason to consider it an altar of Cuba. Very close to National Hero Jose Marti, in the Mausoleum that perpetuates his memory, the burial site of the Commander-in-Chief will […]

24 November, 2016 Cuba to Soon Welcome Four Million Tourists

Havana, Cuba.-Tourism in Cuba increases every year and there are plans already to welcome more than four million foreign visitors next year, sources from the sector reported today. Maria del Carmen Orellana, Marketing Director General for the Cuban Tourism Ministry (MINTUR) and the director general of operations and quality, Maria del Pilar Garcia, showed their […]

17 November, 2016 Venezuela Contributes to the Restoration of Cuban Heritage in Baracoa

Baracoa, Cuba.-The eastern Cuban city of Baracoa, one of the most affected after Hurricane Matthew, is restoring its distinct architecture, thanks to the contribution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. More than 1,000 red tiles have been donated by Venezuela, and are now being distributed around Baracoa, the first village founded by Spaniards in Cuba. […]

17 November, 2016 Cuba and Austria Will Sign Accord for Economic Collaboration

Havana, Cuba.-The Austrian vice-minister of Science, Research and Economy, Bernadette Marianne Gierlinger, is beginning a visit to Cuba today, with the purpose of signing a memorandum of understanding on international economic collaboration. According to a press release published on the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, the Austrian official was invited by the Cuban Ministry […]

16 November, 2016 Cuba Expects a 12-Percent Rise in Current Sugar Cane Harvest

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba has expected to reach a 12-percent rise in sugar production during the current harvest compared with the plan of the previous campaign, a source in the sector said. Dionis Perez, director of Information Technology and Analysis at Azcuba Sugar Group, told Prensa Latina that the Harlem sugar mill in Artemisa province is currently […]

31 October, 2016 Exhibitors from 75 Countries Attend FIHAV 2016 in Cuba

Havana, cuba.-The 34th Havana International Fair, FIHAV 2016, has begun today here in the presence of about 4,500 exhibitors from 75 countries and representatives of 50 Chambers of Commerce. This year, the exhibition includes as a main new feature the holding of an investment forum, in which a new version of the business portfolio of […]