11 August, 2016 U.S. Air Marshals Will be Aboard Cuba Flights

Miami, United States.- At the request of the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released a statement, announcing that U.S. air marshals will travel on certain flights to and from Cuba. Regularly scheduled service to Cuba from the U.S. is tentatively scheduled to resume on August 31st, when JetBlue begins […]

10 August, 2016 Engage Cuba, U.S. Senator Udall, and State Leaders Launch New Mexico State Council

Havana, Cuba.- Engage Cuba, a leading coalition of private companies and organizations working to lift Washington’s travel and trade restrictions on Cuba, has joined state leaders to launch the bipartisan Engage Cuba New Mexico State Council. U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-NM), who has been a leader in expanding access to U.S. telecommunications and internet in […]

10 August, 2016 Cuba and Seychelles Deepen Health Cooperation

Havana, Cuba.- Cuba and Seychelles have deepened cooperation in a number of areas, especially in the health sector, in the past four years. Cuba’s outgoing Ambassador Orlando Alvarez Alvarez, paid his farewell visit Tuesday to the Seychelles’ Head of State, James Michel, and Vice-President Danny Faure after a two-year service. Ambassador Alvarez said Cuba’s cooperation […]

10 August, 2016 Activities to Celebrate Fidel Castro’s Birthday Begin in Hugo Chavez’ Home State

Barinas,Venezuela.- Activities to celebrate the 90th birthday of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro in Venezuela began Monday in Barinas, the home state of Bolivarian leader, the late Hugo Chávez. A panel discussion entitled: “Fidel Castro, Five Stripes and a Star” was held at the Casa del Alba Cultural Center in Venezuela, the first of a […]

9 August, 2016 Cuban Tobacco Twister Overcomes World Record

Havana, Cuba.-Cuban tobacco twister Jose Castelar (Cueto), the most famous in the world, overcame his own world tobacco twisting record (81.80 meters reached in 2011) after 8 days of work, and he is still twisting a much bigger tobacco cigar. A tobacco cigar without a higher layer, called tirulo or bunche, was getting close to […]

9 August, 2016 Cuba Calls for Protection of Migrant Children and Adolescents

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba has called for ensuring the protection of migrant children and adolescents in countries of origin as well as in countries of transit and destination, Cuban diplomat Claudia Perez Alvarez said today. The Chargé d’affaires of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations in Geneva, Claudia Perez Alvarez, made this statement speaking […]

9 August, 2016 Peruvian Doctors Graduated in Cuba Honour Fidel Castro

Lima, peru.-Peruvian doctors graduated in Cuba paid a tribute to Cuban Revolution historical leader Fidel Castro with a solidary activity in a popular neighborhood in the municipality of Monte Piedra, north of Lima, the Peruvian capital. Numerous settlers from the neighborhood called Laderas de Chillon were attended by the Peruvian doctors graduated in the island […]

9 August, 2016 Peruvian Newspaper Dedicates Supplement to Fidel”s 90th Birthday

Lima, Peru.-Peruvian newspaper “Uno” has published a supplement dedicated to the 90th birthday of Cuban historical leader, Fidel Castro, with texts and poems by prominent Peruvian authors. The publication has disclosed some fragments of the book about the revolutionary to be launched this week as part of the tributes for his birthday, on August 13th. […]

9 August, 2016 Candidate Hillary: the Lesser Evil

Havana, Cuba- The former American First Lady became the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party this Thursday. It happened at the National Convention held in Philadelphia, within a few days of the Republican Convention in Cleveland.As usual in this political system, those who spoke referred to what they understand that are her personal virtues. Among […]

9 August, 2016 Cannons against Lula

Havana, Cuba. -Just hours after the former Brazilian President Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, denounced before the United Nations the campaign of harassment he is suffering from sectors of the opposition, a representative of the legal power, the virulent Judge Sergio Moro decided to prosecute the veteran labor leader for trying to obstruct investigations into […]

8 August, 2016 Cuban Symphony Orchestra to Celebrate 90th Birthday of Fidel Castro

Havana, Cuba.-The National Symphony Orchestra will perform here for the first time a piece written by maestro, director and professor Roberto Valera, on occasion of the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro. The piece called “Lema y poemas a Fidel” includes poems dedicated to Fidel by Cuban poets Carilda […]

8 August, 2016 Chile Sets Up Association of Professional Graduates in Cuba

Santiago de Chile, Chile.-Professionals graduates in Cuban universities from different regions of Chile set up the Association of Professional Graduates in Cuba. The initiative was part of the activities for the campaign ‘A July 26 for Fidel’s 90 birthday,’ under the auspices of the Hatuey solidarity group in the southern city of Temuco, in the […]

4 August, 2016 Ecuadorian Parliament President Visits Cuba

Havana, Cuba.-The Ecuadorian National Assembly President, Gabriela Rivadeneira, begins a visit today to Cuba to strengthen ties between the parliaments of both nations and learn about the functioning of Cuban institutions. During her stay in Havana, to be concluded on August 6th, the two countries will sign an agreement to improve training for legislators in […]