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2 September, 2016 Cuba Seeks Energy Independence

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba has included increasing energy independence among its immediate objectives, as well as decreasing costs in this sector and increasing supply security, authorities in the island said today. Energy and Mining Ministry Director for Renewable Energy Rosell Guerra added that there was a coherent policy in this regard. Guerra welcomed businesspeople from 14 Latin […]

2 September, 2016 Raul Castro Congratulates Vietnam for Independence Anniversary

Hanoi, Vietnam.- Cuba”s President, Raul Castro, today congratulated the Vietnamese Communist Party, government and people on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the proclamation of independence of the nation. ‘I take this happy occasion to affirm the firm will to continue working towards strengthening and deepening the ties of friendship and cooperation between our […]

11 August, 2016 U.S. Air Marshals Will be Aboard Cuba Flights

Miami, United States.- At the request of the U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released a statement, announcing that U.S. air marshals will travel on certain flights to and from Cuba. Regularly scheduled service to Cuba from the U.S. is tentatively scheduled to resume on August 31st, when JetBlue begins […]

10 August, 2016 Cuba and Seychelles Deepen Health Cooperation

Havana, Cuba.- Cuba and Seychelles have deepened cooperation in a number of areas, especially in the health sector, in the past four years. Cuba’s outgoing Ambassador Orlando Alvarez Alvarez, paid his farewell visit Tuesday to the Seychelles’ Head of State, James Michel, and Vice-President Danny Faure after a two-year service. Ambassador Alvarez said Cuba’s cooperation […]

9 August, 2016 Cuban Tobacco Twister Overcomes World Record

Havana, Cuba.-Cuban tobacco twister Jose Castelar (Cueto), the most famous in the world, overcame his own world tobacco twisting record (81.80 meters reached in 2011) after 8 days of work, and he is still twisting a much bigger tobacco cigar. A tobacco cigar without a higher layer, called tirulo or bunche, was getting close to […]

9 August, 2016 Cuba Calls for Protection of Migrant Children and Adolescents

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba has called for ensuring the protection of migrant children and adolescents in countries of origin as well as in countries of transit and destination, Cuban diplomat Claudia Perez Alvarez said today. The Chargé d’affaires of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations in Geneva, Claudia Perez Alvarez, made this statement speaking […]

3 August, 2016 Photographic Exhibition Dedicated to Fidel Castro Opens in Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia.-The exhibition “Fidel es Fidel” will be opened today at the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore of this Bolivian city, as a tribute to the 90th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution. The exhibition comprises a series of snapshots taken to Fidel Castro during the last decade by photographer and […]

2 August, 2016 Ecuador Carries Out Activities for Fidel Castro”s 90th Birthday

Quito, Ecuador.-Government institutions, groups of solidarity with Cuba and supporters of Fidel Castro”s legacy, are today arranging the final details of a program of activities planned this week to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Cuban historical leader, in Ecuador. The celebrations will begin tomorrow with the discussion ‘Fidel in Ecuador,’ broadcast live on the […]

1 August, 2016 Angola”s Governor Thanks Cuba for Support and Cooperation

Bie, Angola.-The governor of Bie, Manuel de Boavida Neto, has thanked Cuba for their colossal internationalist support and cooperation. ‘Cuba is present in the construction and reconstruction of the new Angola. We have its support in the economic, political, social sectors’, De Boavida Neto said on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the attack […]

29 July, 2016 History of Africa Would Be Incomplete Without Mentioning Fidel Castro

Pretoria, South Africa.-The story of Africa cannot be written today without mentioning the name of Fidel Castro and the contribution of Cubans to the liberation of the continent, South African activist, Clever Banganayi has said. In an interview with Prensa Latina, in which he detailed the activities planned to celebrate the 90th birthday of the […]

29 July, 2016 Cuban Youth Celebrates 62nd Anniversary of Hugo Chavez´s Birthday

Havana, Cuba.-Cuban youth are celebrating the 62nd anniversary of the birth of Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, as part of tributes to the leader of the Venezuelan Revolution, who died in 2013. A cultural evening and talk began on Thursday night with the traditional 9:00pm cannon fire ceremony at the capital’s historical Morro-Cabaña military complex in […]

26 July, 2016 Cuba Will Introduce Whatever Changes Necessary to Consolidate Socialism

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba will introduce whatever changes necessary to consolidate its socialism to make it more prosperous and sustainable, assured today the second secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the island, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Pronouncing the key speech at the act on occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the assault on […]

26 July, 2016 Social Networks Celebrate Cuban National Rebellion Day

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba and other latitudes internet users were involved today in a big twitter connection in honor of the National Rebellion Day, which main ceremony was held this year in this city, in recognition of its economic and social achievements. The label # Cuba, # SanctiSpiritusEn26, # SiempreEs26 and #FidelEntreNosotros, were at the top in […]