12 July, 2017 Cuban Doctors Recognized in South Africa

The Communist Party of South Africa presented this Wednesday a special award for recognition to the International Brigades of Cuban Physicians for their practice of human solidarity in many parts of the world.

3 July, 2017 Cuban Doctors Assist Thousands of Patients at Bolivian Fair

La Paz, Bolivia.-The Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in Bolivia has decided to extend its participation in the Health Fair in the department of Tarija, where more than 10,000 people have already been assisted, Dr. Pavel Noa reported. During a telephone interview given to Prensa Latina, the BMC national coordinator stated that the consultations were initially […]

23 June, 2017 Cuba Keeps Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya under Control

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba keeps diseases as dengue, zika and chikungunya under control, despite the existence of their transmitting agent: the mosquito Aedes Aegypti, said today the director for Vigilance and Anti-Vectorial Battle at the Public Health Ministry (MINSAP), Pena. The expert recognized that in the warmest months, the country experiences an increase in the number of […]

29 May, 2017 Cubans Provide Solidarity at Bolivian Health Fair

La Paz, Bolivia.-Professionals from the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in Bolivia are providing solidarity on Sunday at the ExpoSalud 2017 fair, where they are offering free services to patients with limited resources. Alina Ochoa, the BMC head of medical care, stated that these kinds of events have a positive impact on Bolivians, as the Cuban […]

22 May, 2017 Cuba Increases Human Milk Banks

Havana, Cuba.-Cuba is celebrating today the World Human Milk Donation Day arranging the final details to open a tenth specialized center for this noble purpose. Ana Lilia Triana, head of the human milk banks project in the country, stated that the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund, is working […]

18 May, 2017 Youth Drug Use: A Distorted Reality

Naively, many young people consider smoking marijuana is a benign and risk-free activity. However, among the dangers arising from the use of this pernicious drug, in addition to the possibility of uncontrolled addiction, there is a cause-effect linkage between its consumption and student achievement

15 May, 2017 More than 2,000 Bolivians Treated in Health Fair

Cochabamba, Bolivia.-Cuban doctors from 30 specialties treated more than two thousand Bolivians during the first day of the Health Fair that ends today in the Valle Hermoso Comprehensive Community Hospital in this city. According to organizers of the fair, ophthalmology, comprehensive general medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and orthopedic were the branches of medicine in which […]

5 May, 2017 Cuban Approach to Multiple Sclerosis Lauded

American experts take from Cuba a very rich information about the multidisciplinary treatment you carry out for multiple sclerosis, Dr. Víctor Rivera said to Radio Reloj.

5 May, 2017 Cuba: World Experts to Talk on Hematology

Havana, Cuba.-Experts from 24 countries of the planet will come to Cuba to discuss on leukemia, immunology, coagulation problems and others, during the celebration of the 8th Cuban Congress of Hematology (Hematology 2017), to start on May 8 in the Cuban capital. Besides, for the first time, the American Association of Hematology (ASH) will be […]

3 May, 2017 Cuban Medical Brigade Reaches One Month of Activity in Peru

Piura, Peru.-A Cuban medical brigade today celebrated a month of solidarity work in this northern Peruvian city and its surroundings, with attention to the victims of heavy rains registered in the region of Piura. The head of the brigade of 23 doctors and other health professionals, Rolando Piloto, told Prensa Latina that the balance of […]

25 April, 2017 Peru: Intense Work by Cuban Health Brigade in First Weeks

Piura, Peru.-An intense work has been carried out by Cuban health emergency team in the first three weeks of solidarity actions for the victims of flooding that wreaked havoc the Peruvian northern city of Piura. The team’s head Rolando Piloto told the Prensa Latina that the 23 Cuban health specialists have made 1,637 consultations so […]

19 April, 2017 Italian and Cuban Surgeons to Debate on New Health Technologies

Havana, Cuba.-As part of the 9th Congress of Cuba-Italy Surgery, specialists from both nations will have the possibility to debate on the new health technologies in this sector, the organizers said. This event, scheduled for April 24 through 26 at the Havana International Conference Center, will include masterly lectures and visits to some health institutions […]

11 April, 2017 Cuban Medical Brigade in Its Second Week of Activities in Peru

Pirura, Peru.-The Cuban medical brigade begins its second week of work in the shelters of victims of the heavy rains and floods in this northern Peruvian city and its surroundings. The Cubans are preparing to start another day of work after a week in which they have treated 3,667 patients, to whom they gave preventive […]