Havana, Cuba.- The Cuban Electric Company is building a new photovoltaic park in the central province of Camaguey, one month after opening another in the same territory.

Located in the so-called Paso de Lesca, the plant will have a generating capacity of 2.2 megawatts, according to Adelante newspaper.

The newspaper explained the work is in an initial phase with excavation work for the underground of the earthen meshes, to prevent damage by electric discharges due to weather phenomena.

In June, another solar park with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts began operating in Camaguey as part of the Cuban strategy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

A similar facility was opened earlier this month in the western province of Matanzas.

Late in May, Cuba had 65 parks of this type in operation and another 15 in the process of completion, which will increase the current power by 42 megawatts, said then the Director General of Electricity of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Tatiana Amaran.

The official explained that the cost of production and maintenance of one kilowatt hour in a photovoltaic plant saves 95 percent over the energy generated in a power plant.

According to official data, these facilities contribute 1.15 percent of the country’s total consumption.

The use of renewable energy sources is a crucial part of the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030, approved by the Cuban authorities.

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