May 1st parade 2018.

MATANZAS, Cuba. – Workers and their families attended this May 1st. to support the Revolution in Matanzas, with the commitment to defend unity and socialism, honor Fidel’s legacy and the eight decades of the founding of the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC).

The convocation of the workers ‘ movement was joined by mass organizations with allegorical banners to the ephemeris, images of their leaders and initiatives of the unions with their presence and joy.

Protagonists of several sectors of economy and services were concentrated in the points surrounding the viaduct, in the city of Matanzas, where the provincial parade for the International Workers’ Day takes place every year.

Isdalys Rodriguez, Secretary General of CTC in the territory, stressed the joy present early in the streets where the people once again ratified the commitment to unity.

May 1st in Villa Clara, in March for Cuba

More than 130,000 workers with their families gathered since early hours of May 1st in the Ernesto Che Guevara Revolution Square of Santa Clara, to star another day of demonstration of unity of the Cubans around the Communist Party of Cuba and the Government.

The Avenue of the Parades near the place where the bronze sculpture of the Heroic Guerrilla rises, welcomed workers, peasants, teachers, doctors and representatives of all the social sectors.

The people turned the Day of the World Proletariat into a party in defense of the conquests of the Revolution and to support the new direction of the country, which leads Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

Also this 1st. May, a holiday for workers, the working class supports the new National Assembly of People´s Power.

Dreamed and Lived Square of History

Compatriots woke up in Holguin illustrated by a dream that drives them every May 1st to its Revolution Square, where facts confirm more than sayings.

Thus the multitude flowed from all its streets, centric or discreet, in steady avalanche that came to the appointment with all and for the good of all, in historic site of acclaimed leaders, pleasing blessings and sublime concerts.

Next to the horizon, behind the sea of people, the stone frieze and its royal Mambisas palms; the rising light on the irreducible forehead of Calixto Garcia, and the pristine voice of Fidel when dawn came, demanding the return of a child, as a symbol.

That’s why our people came to their Square, like every countryman in every inch of its geography, because the homeland continues to be born every May or January, which is the same, without abandoning it or its prosperity.

Guantanameros Ratify Support for the Revolution

Under the slogan of Unity, Commitment and Victory over 180,000 people marched in Guantanamo city on Tuesday, May 1 from seven in the morning to underline the support to the new leadership of the country headed by President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

At the Cuban eastern end the march by May 1st. took place in the Mariana Grajales Revolution Square, led by the Union of Public Administration, seconded by Energy and Mines and that of Construction.

With banners, Cuban flags and dresses in red, white or blue the workers in Guantanamo, grouped in 15 unions, were concentrated from early hours at different points.

This May 1st. was another forceful victory that reaffirms once again the perpetuity of the Revolution begun in Yara more than a century ago.