BARTOLOME MASO, Cuba.- On its anniversary 60 it was evoked in El Jibaro, Sierra Maestra, the departure of Ciro Redondo Column number 8, led by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, to extend the war of liberation to the west of Cuba.

Yudelquis Barban, member of the Young Communist League in Bartolome Maso municipality, remarked that Che and his troop fulfilled the word committed to Fidel, and after arriving at Las Villas, they concretized the unity with the combatants operating in that territory.

Barban said that young Cubans are worthy heirs to the traditions of struggle, legacy and example of the combatants who contributed to the triumph of the Revolution almost six decades ago, under Fidel´s guidance.

In the ceremony at the Jíbaro, young people from Granma received the card as members of the Young Communist League, and they ratified eternal fidelity to Fidel, Raul, the Party and the heroic people of Cuba.