SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba.-With the placement of a floral offering from Army General Raul Castro in the memorial to the fallen in the armed uprising of Santiago de Cuba, began this Thursday the ceremony of remembrance of the historical feat led by Frank Pais in support of Granma yacht’s landing.

The Councils of State and Ministers and the people of Cuba also sent floral tributes to the place where young combatants Otto Parellada, Pepito Tey and Tony Aloma fell in Loma del Intendente.

On behalf of the heroes of those events, Major General (r) Eloy Bertot Bastos exhorted to show at all times the unity, loyalty and patriotism to Fidel and Raul, and to the Revolution.

Authorities of the Party and Government, as well as students, workers and people of Santiago de Cuba attended the cultural and political ceremony.