Machado Ventura visits agricultural collectives in Granma

Photo taken from Radio Bayamo.

GRANMA, Cuba.- The Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, toured agricultural productive complex of the municipalities of Bayamo, Jiguani, Yara and Manzanillo, in Granma province.

Machado Ventura exchanged with regular workers in agriculture and the cooperative and peasant sector, and called them to achieve higher yields in crops as a contribution to the food of the people.

The member of the Political Bureau insisted on fulfilling the sow plans to the current winter campaign, apply science and technology and alternatives to the fuel constraints Cuba faces, because of the upsurge in the blockade.

Machado Ventura was also in El Contri, in Bayamo, where a grain profit plant belonging to the Jose Manuel Capote Sosa Company is built.