Vilma Espin.


BAYAMO, Granma. – Meetings of members of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) with students and professors from teacher training schools in Bayamo and Manzanillo marked the beginning of the activities of homage and remembrance in Granma to Vilma Espin, founding president of that organization.

The heroine receives the tribute of current and former leaders of the FMC, who had the privilege to work and train under the guidance and the teachings of Vilma, who died almost ten years ago.

Vilma was Frank Pais’s partner in the clandestine struggle and she is remembered communities and neighborhoods of the Sierra Maestra, and of the Cauto Plain, stages of her work in the war of liberation and after the triumph of the Revolution.

The last time Vilma was in Granma was to inaugurate the monument to Rosa la Bayamesa, captain of the Mambi Army, erected in Bayamo by sculptor Alberto Lescay.