Havana, Cuba.- The Cuban cigar industry currently has an upward trend, mainly as of the Premium cigars, long the main jewel in the world cigar market.

That predilection of the most demanding smokers is not for the sake of nothing, because there is a triple condition that boosts the product, climate, soil and producers’ experience.

Hence, Habano cigars are considered the best of its kind on the planet and are claimed by the most demanding markets, due -above all- to a growing quality and new features.

Therefore, the holding in Havana from February 18 to 22 of the 21st Habano Cigar Festival means a new commitment in terms of the attention of specialists to the cigar, its development and potential.

This meeting attracts the attention of more than 1,000 people from about 70 countries every year, because this is the appropriate moment to learn more about the benefits of the Habano cigars.

Tradition and agrarian culture go hand in hand with cigars and the smoke festival, one of the major events in the tobacco industry marketing system worldwide.

Another relevant one is the Big Smoke Las Vegas event, but as Cuban cigars cannot be shown there, it lags behind in this particular kind of attention.

Experts consider that the Habano Festival held again in Havana holding is a proof of the development and sustainability of the Cuban tobacco industry that every February takes place at the Conference Center in Havana.

The Festival will conclude on February 22, with an evening full of passion for Habano cigars, and the traditional humidors auction, conducted by experienced Cuban artisans and whose revenues go to the public health system.