Raul Alejandro Palmero Fernandez., President of the FEU.

Raul Alejandro Palmero Fernandez.

HAVANA, Cuba. – The University Student Federation (FEU) arrives on March 13th, 61st anniversary of the assault on the former Presidential Palace and the storming of Radio Reloj, with the guarantee of being faithful to Jose Antonio Echeverria and Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro´s legacies, Raul Alejandro Palmero Fernandez said.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Reloj, the national President of the FEU added that today more than ever university students follow the ideas of the student leader and his comrades-in-arms to defend the motherland.

Palmero Fernandez underlined that the University Student Federation is engaged in the preparation of the eleventh Congress of the organization, to be held next July, which will draw the guidelines for the upcoming stage.

He noted that at this time the brigades of the FEU discuss the core issues to be analyzed by students in the event.

University Students Rake Over Tasks of the Motherland

The University Student Federation arrives at the 61st anniversary of March 13 taking over prioritized tasks demanded by the Revolution Lazaro Roilan Alvarez Garcia explained.

The member of the organizing committee of the eleventh Congress of the FEU added that the Cuban university students will remain faithful to Jose Antonio, Fidel and their comrades-in-arms as worthy heirs of the country’s history.

Alvarez Garcia said that this March 13, the FEU expresses the decision to perfect the work left by young university student Fidel Castro.

Regarding the Congress of FEU, he pointed to that from the brigade they will undertake a debate with quality, creativity and enthusiasm.