Havana, Cuba- With a call to end the import mentality and break down all obstacles to development, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel led the review of the country’s food production program.

During the meeting, he also insisted on the need to strengthen a group of lines that can be obtained at local or municipal levels, without having to wait for big industrial production.

According to a report by Cuban Television, Diaz-Canel emphasized that this is a strategic sector, identified in the Guidelines, in the Conceptualization of the economic and social model, and therefore it must be developed as such.

In view of the complex international economic situation, caused by COVID-19, a group of measures have been adopted in Cuba to face the crisis, which has as a premise the substitution of imports.

The Minister of the Food Industry, Manuel Sobrino Martínez, pointed out that they are working to reactivate technology and increase the production of preserves, sausages, pasta, oil and other products.

The Minister of Agriculture Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero reported on the progress of the spring campaign, egg production, construction of organoponics and the strategy to increase deliveries of pork activity.

Among the issues to be resolved, it was mentioned the manufacture in the country of equipment and spare parts for the food industry, as well as containers and packaging. In this regard, the Cuban president insisted that one should always think about obtaining in the country what is needed to boost certain production, so as not to have to make imports or import the minimum.

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