Cuban President highlights quality of summer options

Photo/Revolution Studies.

By Leticia Martinez Hernandez

HAVANA, Cuba. – The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, insisted that quality distinguishes summer options and reiterated the call to combat vulgarity and slobbering, create more recreation spaces for teenagers and young people, without disturbing the rest of the community and working smart, having savings as a premise, in the midst of a tense economic situation.

Diaz-Canel stated that at a meeting of the Working Group on Recreation Care – shared through videoconference with all provinces – where he highlighted that public servants are owed to the people, which implies a permanent monitoring and use of tools that can warn in time when something is failing.

Thus, the head of State indicated to resolve immediately the problems in several territories with the supply of beer, soft drinks and candies. More agile responses are needed, he demanded, especially at a season as sensitive as summer.

The work meeting offered information on Vívelo 2019 app, created to promote the summer billboard throughout the country. The application can be downloaded from the website, and is a result of the collaboration between the Young Communist League and the University of Computer Sciences.

As in previous years, summer camps are organized in schools of the general education system and universities where cultural, productive, environmental and social activities are planned. More than 42,000 young people will be rotating through these sites between July and August.

The Youth Zone, a proposal born of the Ninth Congress of UJC, is designed as an integrative project in the communities. For this purpose, young people will contribute to productive, economic and social work in already 800 community.

The First Deputy Minister of Culture, Maria Elena Salgado Cabrera, gave account of the activities carried out by that agency during the first days of summer, which include events of great convocation such as the Fire Festival in Santiago de Cuba; the City of the Sea Alternative Music Festival in Cienfuegos; and the Gibara International Film Festival.

The Vice-President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Roberto Morales Ojeda, considered that the Ministry of Culture had organized a good program, but insisted on the urgency of enabling more spaces. In the meeting, they instructed the leaders of the provinces to define new places, especially in open areas, mainly intended for young audiences, who are mostly on holiday.

On the subject, the head of the Ideological Department of the Central Committee, Victor Gate Lopez, pointed out that programming in communities, taking advantage of schools, museums, Culture houses, sports areas and other neighborhood facilities should receive priority.

Finally, the Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal Miranda, updated on the epidemiological situation that remains stable and alerted to the complexity of July and August, with high temperatures, rains and mobility of people between provinces.