Havana, Cuba.- The drought conditions affecting Cuba in the last two years have come to an end, after registering national averages above the annual historical value, an official source reports today.

The national rainfall average was 1,527 millimeters (mm), equivalent to 114 percent of the annual historical value, Granma newspaper stated.

Rain surpassed the usual values in the three regions of the island: about 1,534 mm of rain fell in the western region, with 107 percent.

About 1,584 mm and 1,457 mm of rain fell in the central and eastern regions, respectively, with 121 and 114 percent in each area, an expert from the Directorate for the Rational Use of Water at the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources told the press.

The historical rainfall average exceeded in about 143 municipalities, and none were below 50 percent, the report states.

The remarkable recovery in dams, which stored nearly 7,532 billion cubic meters of water in late 2017, 83 percent of total capacity, represents the highest figure in a long time, the text says.