United Nations, United Nations.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced today at the UN General Assembly the resurgence of the hostile policy of the United States against the island and the onslaught of the administration of Donald Trump.

In recent months, he explained, Washington began an escalation in its aggression against Cuba, with the application of unconventional measures, to prevent the supply of fuel to our country from various markets through sanctions and threats to ships, shipping companies and insurance companies .

Its goal, in addition to affecting the economy, is to damage the living standards of Cuban families, he stressed.

In April of this year, he continued, the filing of lawsuits before US courts against Cuban, North American and third-country entities was authorized, under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

The persecution of our banking-financial relations with the rest of the world intensified, remittances were restricted to Cuban citizens, the granting of visas was reduced and consular services were limited, the foreign minister stressed.

An agreement between baseball federations was canceled, individual trips of US citizens were canceled, cruises and direct flights to Cuban airports were banned, except for Havana, he said.

The leasing of airplanes with more than 10 percent of US components and the acquisition of technologies and equipment in similar condition were also prevented, commercial promotion activities, cultural and educational exchanges ceased.

The US government has aggressively intensified the extraterritorial application of its policy of blocking Cuba against third States, their companies and citizens, said Rodriguez.

Nor does it hide its purpose of economically suffocating my country and increasing damage, deprivation and suffering to the people, he stressed.

Washington has proposed to sabotage the international cooperation that Cuba provides in the field of health: with a campaign of slander, politicians and US officials attack a program based on genuine conceptions of South-South cooperation, which also has the recognition of the community International denounced.

In response to the statement of the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, the Cuban foreign minister said that the US government is responsible for such damages.

He also delved into the incalculable humanitarian damage of the blockade, which constitutes a flagrant, massive and systematic violation of human rights and qualifies as an act of genocide. ‘There is no Cuban family that does not suffer its consequences’.

Due to this fence, the island has limitations in health services because it cannot access US medical equipment and prostheses, which especially affects several Cuban children.

The blockade also makes it impossible to access new drugs for the treatment of cancer, only produced by US pharmaceutical companies, explained the Cuban minister.

The UN General Assembly on Thursday addresses the draft resolution ‘Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba’, which has received support from the international community since 1992.

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