Frank Pais Garcia.

Frank Pais was killed on July 30, 1957. Photo: Radio Angulo.

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. – Comrades-in-Arm close to Frank Pais Garcia, leader of the clandestine struggle, highlighted this Wednesday in Santiago de Cuba the qualities of the young revolutionary, killed sixty years ago on July 30.

Before an audience dedicated to researching and spread that stage of the Cuban Revolution, Luis Felipe Rosell and Angel Luis Delgado told many stories on Frank’s decisive role to organize actions and give support from the cities to the Rebel Army.

When Rosell was introduced to Frank in the Carmen Alley, in the flower sales business he had in that central place, he was impressed to see that the leader leading fights was a boy.

To Delgado, Frank Pais was an exceptional man, with an intelligence that looked to the future, and if he had survived, he could be a fundamental figure today.