José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, called on sugar workers to make the most of available resources to achieve, as of January, good results both the milling and the production of sugar.

The exhortation was made after knowing the objective limitations that, for now, presents the mechanized harvesting of sugarcane, especially in the Colombia and Amancio Rodríguez sugar mills, where it was accompanied by Ariel Santana Santiesteban, member of the Central Committee and First secretary of the Party in the province; Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, president of the Government; and Julio García Pérez, Azcuba’s top executive, among other leaders.

“The raison d’ être of these cities is the production of sugar, and it is necessary to win the battle of the harvest with the help of all those who participate and the support of the population,” said Machado Ventura.

Julio García Pedraza, director of the Sugar Company, acknowledged that, although the “Amancio” shows signs of recovery with respect to the initial industrial problems, it will not complete the plan of this first stage, while the Colombian sugar mill , recently incorporated, already delivered the first 58 tons, of the 18 thousand planned in the current harvest.

He pointed out, however, that the province will complete today, the 38 thousand tons that was pledged to the second secretary, thanks to the “Majibacoa”, which surpassed its plan in more than 5, 500 and that the “Antonio Guiteras” met on Sunday the objective of producing 14 thousand tons in this period.

“We are giving the resources to the places that contribute more sugar, because this harvest is decisive and we have to do it well, so as not to compromise next, because the time will come when the sugar mills will have what are able to acquire with its own productions, “said the political leader.

Once again, he emphasized the need to give top priority to sugarcane production, based on the fulfillment of sowing plans with quality, and the rest of the crop attentions as well. He criticized the fact that 60 years after the Triumph of the Revolution we are still making harvests of 80 days, for lack of cane. “The cane fields have finished with yields of 30 or 35 tons per hectare, since from now on the cane sowed should average 50, in dry areas,” he said.

The president of Azcuba said that from now on the sowing had to be carried out day by day, month by month, hectare by hectare and cooperative by cooperative, especially in Las Tunas that expects to plant, in spring, more than 9,000 hectares, the 12 percent of the national plan and the third province with the largest number of areas to be planted.

Finally, the Machado Ventura stressed that “this harvest has a major importance and is demonstrating that, despite the effects of the blockade, we can do it well.”

José Ramón Machado Ventura toured Las Tunas sugar mills