Venezuelan Navy school ship pays official visit to Cuba

Venezuelan Simon Bolívar Navy school ship arrived in Cuba on official visit. Photos: Jorge Perez/ Prensa Latina.

HAVANA, Cuba.-The Simon Bolivar school ship, of the Navy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, arrived in Cuba on an official visit, as part of its thirty-first cruiser of instruction abroad.

Upon arrival in Havana Bay, the ship fired 21 artillery salvos, reciprocated by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the island from the San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress, as a gesture of welcome.

When the ship docked at the Havana cruise terminal, the business manager of the Venezuelan Embassy in Cuba, Milagro Sambrano, received the crew, which makes a voyage through five countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The ship’s commander, Rear Admiral Alexander Rivero, said that this instructional journey makes part of the training of the Bolivarian Navy cadets, and it carries a peace message to the peoples.