United Nations, United Nations.- Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted the overwhelming support his country receives in the UN General Assembly where this Thursday member states will vote on a resolution to demand the US to lift the unlawful blockade against the island.

‘The peoples and governments of the planet accompany us in this fight against the blockade, and Cuba thanks them,’ he wrote in Twitter.

He also recalled that ‘Washington’s illegal and criminal policy’ violates the international law with a marked extraterritorial nature, in addition to severely damaging the Cuban people and constituting the main obstacle to the development of the island.

This Thursday, the General Assembly for the twenty-eighth consecutive occasion put to the vote the draft resolution ‘Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba’.

On Wednesday when the debate began, representatives from several countries condemned the increased hostility and unilateral coercive measures by the US Government against Cuba.

Around 30 nations and international groups such as the Non-Aligned Movement, Caricom, ASEAN and the Group of 77 plus China joined that claim.

Although since 1992 the UN General Assembly has approved a resolution every year calling for the end of the siege, the United States Government continues to ignore the international community’s call, while maintaining and intensifying its hostile policy.

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