Garcia Linera Says justice will fall on coup plotters
MEXICO CITY, Mexico.- Alvaro Garcia Linera, former Vice-President of Bolivia exiled in Mexico, highlighted that those responsible for the current coup government will have to answer for their actions.

Not a single court case open to finding those responsible for 32 dead, Garcia Linera recalled in a press interview, alluding to those killed since the conflict erupted in that Plurinational State.

The de facto government has been singled out for the crackdown on Evo Morales´ supporters, who conduct massive street concentrations and mobilizations to oppose the coup d’état, and call for the return of the deposed president.

The former vice-president claimed that Luis Fernando Camacho, the man who led the coup in Bolivia, has been bloodstained, as well as Carlos Mesa, the right-wing candidate that lost the October elections, and Jeanine Anez, self-proclaimed interim president.