Democratic Guarantees Law faces government veto in Bolivia
LA PAZ, Bolivia.- The intention of de facto President Jeanine Anez to block the recently adopted Democratic Guarantees Act has as context a repressive climate and a critical UN report on human rights in Bolivia.

The law was passed this Friday with the votes of the majority Movement for Socialism, and according to Anez, she will veto it because it is not necessary; however, it is the Parliament that has the power to modify or ratify it, and put it into effect.

The law provides for the freedom of those arrested for participating in peaceful demonstrations, respect for freedom of expression, and for the end of criminalization of the dissemination of images on protests and repressive operations.

It also determines that in order to judge those who hold or have held the presidency, vice presidency, and senior judicial officials, the liability trial law, which establishes a special procedure, is enforced.