Caracas, Venezuela.- Cuban embassy in Venezuela would have been target of attack with bomb car planned by terrorist group led by Oscar Perez, dismantled the eve by security forces, revealed an alternative news media.

In its Twitter account, that media identified as La Tabla asserted, without giving details, that plans against the Cuban diplomatic see were discovered by Venezuelan intelligence.

‘It would target the #Cuba embassy in #Caracas with a bomb car planned by the terrorist group of actor and pilot Oscar Perez and was revealed by Venezuelan intelligence, as confirms president @Nicolas Maduro’, twitted the Chavist blog.

Meanwhile, in the same social networks representatives of rightwing forces and of the Catholic Church attempt to victimize terrorist Oscar Perez, who was responsible, after robbing an official helicopter, of the attack with explosives and shots against the building of the Ministry of Domestic Relations, Justice and Peace and the Supreme Court of Justice, on June 27, 2017.

These actions put in serious danger the life of innocent persons, even those of children of the kindergarten at the see of the top judicial instance, recalled in a communiqué the Ministry of Domestic Relations to report details of the arrest the eve of the violent group.

According to the institution, the terrorist group pretended to detonate bomb cars in public places among other violent actions to sow panic and death in the Venezuelan people.

‘These terrorists, who were strongly armed with high-calibre weapons, opened fire against the officials in charge of their arrest and attempted to detonate a vehicle charged with explosives’, indicated a communique.

The clash left two dead among the Bolivarian National Police and five seriously wounded; as well as several terrorists dead and five detained, assures the oficial note.

It also details that the security forces were attacked by te