doctores ecuedorQuito, Ecuador.-The Cuban Medical Brigade in Ecuador close today the First National Symposium on the Validity of Fidel Castro”s Thinking.

The event, that opened Friday, emphasizes the validity of the ideas of Fidel Castro on health. The manin venue of the gathering is Quito, although there are also workshops in other Ecuadorian cities such as Cuenca, Manabí, Napo, Guayaquil and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, where 570 Cuban medical professionals are currently working.

The three-day program, which will end tomorrow, is ‘a tribute to the Commander-in-Chief as a health strategist,’ noted the organizers.

The inauguration of the Symposium was in charge of the head of the Medical Brigade Maria Isabel Martinez and was attended by the ambassador of Havana in Quito, Rafael Dausá, Ecuadorian Medicine graduates in Cuba and members of the state mission that maintain cooperation agreements in this South American territory.