Argentina's Congress to start new cycle with new lawmakers.

Argentina’s Congress to start new cycle with new lawmakers.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.- The Argentine Congress will start a new cycle next December 10 with new legislators, who will dominate the two political forces that contested the Presidency: the Front for All and Together for Change.

According to the results of the eve, where the position of President, Vice-President, 130 seats in the Chamber of Deputies were at stake, as well as one third of the Senate seats, the vote favored both coalitions.

In the case of the lower house, the alliance representing President Mauricio Macri will dominate with 10 seats more than the various blocs, while these will have a majority in the Senate, whose president will be Cristina Fernandez from next December.

Among the new faces entering the upper house, according to the results of this Sunday’s elections, by the part of officialism there are Martin Lousteau and Guadalupe Tagliaferri, and by the Front for All, Mariano Recalde.