Cuba wins out in Lima

Sergio Gonzalez and Luis Enrique Reyes, our beach volleyball duo. Photo/Trabajadores newspaper.

By: José Leandro Garbey Castillo

LIMA, Peru. – The Cuban men’s beach volleyball binomial consisting of Sergio Gonzalez and Luis Enrique Reyes won his first victory at Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

The national representatives prevailed in two sets to Costa Rica, with a final score of 21-13 and 21-16.

Previously the Cubans gave up on the Uruguayan duo, who fell today in the other match of group H with the Brazilian favorites, who lead the competition with two wins without defeats.

Tomorrow it will be the last day of the group stage and the Cubans will face the Brazilians in a sudden death match. If the Cubans win and the Uruguayans too, there would be a triple tie in the first position and the particular matchups and statistics would determine the qualifiers to the next round.