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7 January, 2019 Cuban Revolution Inspires Frank Fernandez Concert

Cuban pianist and composer Frank Fernandez announced today that he will dedicate a concert to the Cuban Revolution on the 60th anniversary of Fidel Castro”s entry into this capital, with the Caravan of Victory.

4 January, 2019 Cuba to Expand Relations with Iran and Algeria

Cuba will deepen its economic relations with Iran and Algeria, major commercial actors in Africa and Asia with the holding of intergovernmental commissions with high-level representatives of these two nations during January.

4 January, 2019 Havana Electoral Commission Is Constituted

The provincial Electoral Commission of Havana for the referendum of the Constitution, was constituted this Friday in solemn act, and its members ratified their commitment to enforce the electoral law before the President of the Provincial Assembly of the People´s Power of the capital, Reinaldo Garcia.